Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Activities

Last year, I regretted having packed the advent calendar in with the Christmas decorations, as it wasn't to hand when December started and I didn't want all the boxes of decorations out of the loft and cluttering the place up during November.  So we missed the start of advent, but as Jacob was 2, it wasn't really the end of the world.

I knew he'd be much more on the ball this year, so I cunningly made a 'November Box', which I filled with all out Christmas arts and crafts materials (bought up super-cheap in the January sales), the leftover blank Christmas cards (in case I fancied getting a head start) and the advent calendars.

Then I went and got myself knocked up, found myself due to do a baby on November 9th, and managed to delay that for a further 12 days, so that suddenly, it was the end of November and I had done NOTHING in preparation for Christmas, let alone retrieve my November box from the loft.

So this evening (yes, I know it's already December 1st) I have ignored the tiredness screaming from every pore of my body, cut out 24 squares from old Christmas cards (if they don't fit the pockets on the fabric advent calendar, I will scream) and racked my brains for 24 Christmassy activities.

Jacob also has a special Lego City advent calendar from the inlaws, so his 'activity' for today was to open Day One of his Lego advent calendar (he may be more on the ball than last year, but it's still fairly easy to pull the wool over his eyes when required).

Tomorrow, I can have a little look at my list, decide which one we're going to do, write it on the card in the number 2 pocket, and away we go.

Am I going to regret doing this with a new baby?  I hope not, I think Jacob needs a whole lot of attention and he's so excited about Christmas, so it seems an ideal time to do it.  And after all, December 1st is an excellent time to start new projects ;)