One Hundred Days

This blog started out as a record of my participation in the hundred days project thought up by the lovely Josie Long. More information about the project is available on the website.
Once a day, I aimed to complete one thing from my list of one hundred things which I needed to do in order to bash the mountain of my life into a manageable molehill and in doing so, make me a better person. And a better mum. The original list can be seen below, and each of the items which I completed have been crossed out and linked to the relevant blog post which describes my completion of the item. I did not complete the list, but had a damned good try. And it was great fun.

1. Write a list
8. Put up curtain rail in study
9. Buy and put up curtains in study
13. Organise books on bookshelves in study
16. Take videos to charity shop
17. Sell car
20. Write lists of Christmas presents for everyone
22. Make J-cub cord trousers
34. Frame and put up baby photos
35. Start laundry system
37. Sand and paint skirting board in hall
43. Put up border in nursery
46. Pack maternity clothes away
51. Put up pictures in nursery
52. Make photo albums
55. Empty out and clean wardrobe
56. Put some sort of shelving into wardrobe
57. Organise current clothes into drawers/wardrobe
58. Organise too-small clothes into boxes labelled with size
61. Sort out big kitchen cupboards
62. Weed and remove moss from drive
64. Put up pictures in study
68. Weed gravelly garden bits, replace stones
72. Mulch borders
75. Defer student loans
76. Tidy garden
79. Get my hair cut ready to return to work
81. Cut grass
86. Clean and seal around French windows in kitchen
87. Clean and seal around front door
92. Prune plants in front garden so we can see out the window
95. Reseal around bath
98. Go out for an evening (without J-cub, obvs)
99. Update baby book for J-cub's first year
So that's the list. I've tried to build in some leeway so that I'm not up a ladder painting on Christmas Day or weeding the garden when my parents come to visit. The hundred days start today, and finish (rather neatly) on J-cub's birthday.
I'll also be supplementing my challenge by providing an appropriate photo for each list item number, and I may also be blogging about the more mundane aspects of my life (like reorganising my life isn't mundane enough).
Day 1 - mission complete.