Wednesday, December 30, 2009

14. Fix broken kitchen cabinet door

I realised this morning that there were several list items I was putting off due to not having the materials. I needed to take OldCar out for a spin to exercise its new battery and stomp on the brakes a bit to get rid of the rust in preparation for its MOT tomorrow (then I will have NOTHING stopping me from selling it - yay!). I set off for our local B&Q (our closest 'village' has an odd line in shops - rather than go for domestically useful things like food shop, we have a small industrial estate with garage door salesrooms, taxi offices, car dealerships and B&Q) and bought a silicone sealant scrapey-remover, silicone sealant, houseplant compost and hinges for cabinet doors (I had to buy a pack of 2 - chuh).

We spent the day with Jamie's parents and grandad, who were visiting on their way from Gravesend (where Grandad lives) to Anglesey (where the inlaws live). J-cub was a bit overwhelmed with all the attention, and our nerves were a bit on edge after a 3am screaming fit which came out of nowhere with no apparent cause. We've now pinpointed it to teething, in the absence of any other possible explanation, and I'm going to buy an amber teething necklace, despite Jamie's reservations. I figure it can't hurt, and I know lots of lovely intelligent people who swear by them, so I'm putting my cynicism aside for the sake of J-cub's pain levels. I actually think that it will work, but the evidence-based scientist in me has difficulty believing in things which have no evidence-base.

Teething tangents aside, I discovered that I couldn't simply take the missing screw from the new hinge and fix the old hinge, as they didn't fit. So I whipped the old hinge off, put the shiny new one on, and voila, the door opens and shuts without listing to one side. It even has a handy little cover-plate to prevent any future screw-losing incidents (shame I can't get one of them for me).

Day 30: Mission complete.


the heartful blogger said...

I'm the same about the teething necklace...but not everything that exists can be scientifically nailed down and proven. Try and get a scientist to prove the existence of love for example...

Beth said...

I've seen Jake's in your photos, it's really nice. I started looking around for one this morning, but there's so much choice and differing prices, can I ask how you chose yours/where you got it from? Does the quality (and therefore efficacy) of the amber make a difference? And how do you judge that when buying it? Sorry for all the questions ;)