Saturday, December 5, 2009

10. Put up Christmas decorations

We had a lovely lazy today, with lots of good intentions which were overtaken by the pouring rain and feelings of malaise and imminent illness. So we spent the day, quite simply, playing on the floor with J-cub, dancing to Christmas songs with him in a Santa hat and eating several long, leisurely meals (and by several, I mean two. We're not greedy.).

We did manage to get the Christmas decorations down from the loft, and after J-cub went to bed we put Phil Spector on the stereo and put up the tree and decorations. It looks lovely, the cats are amazed (they were only babies last year so probably don't remember the fun they had with baubles and tinsel) and we can't wait to see what J-cub thinks of the lights in the morning.

We're having Auntie Rachel's Christmas Day tomorrow (as we can't spend Christmas with our respective families, each lot of visitors will be having their own Christmas Day with us over the next few weeks), and everyone else is already asleep so I'm going to join them.

Night night.

Day 5 - Mission complete.

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