Monday, December 7, 2009

19. Clean dust from bathroom walls

It's proving much harder than anticipated to do list items when I'm simultaneously trying to be a good Christmas host. Another day of failed attempts today, tried to do #8, but if the baby wasn't asleep (can't drill holes when baby is asleep), then we were caught up playing/eating/having Christmas fun. Tried to do #64, but Ikea frames proved almost impossible to get lovely posters into, and after I'd finally wrestled them into submission, I discovered I'd put the hanging clippy things in upside down and was not about to start it all over again. Tried to do #25 as Santa was visiting our village, but J-cub fell asleep and the queue was massive and Santa was, quite frankly, not very Santa-ish so elected to go to a grotto another day. I've been planning on doing something relatively medium-sized all evening, but playing Wii and eating chocolate cake and watching J-cub eat not one, but two whole entire pears made the whole evening pass by in the blink of an eye.

I was left with no energy or inclination to do anything, and started having thoughts about lying and saying I'd done something I hadn't. But NO! I will not succumb to lying about things to people I don't know. So I took my faithful dust puppy, and dusted the bathroom walls. It took about a minute, and I know I should do it more often (why do they attract so much dust?!), and really it shouldn't have been a list item at all but it is one of those things that I've kept meaning to do and never do and now it's done.


And you don't get a picture, because taking a picture of no dust falls beyond the realms of my photographic capabilities.

Day 7 - mission complete.


Glovecat said...

Ha ha, I love it, well done you! Aw, but I really WANTED to see a photo of NO DUST. Ha ha. :)

the heartful blogger said...

I don't think I've ever dusted walls in my life. Respect!