Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person

9 months ago, my life changed. I had a baby who tipped my life (and my house) upside-down. If everything had been bolted down in the first place, we would have been survived. But the house (and my life) had accumulated 7 years worth of clutter and nonsense, and now it's just out of control.

Various rooms in the house are able, on demand, to be tidy when required. However, the clutter just gets moved around, so if the downstairs is tidy, then the spare bedroom is jammed full of boxes of stuff. The garden, once beautiful and enjoyable, is overgrown and smells distinctly like a bog. There's an unsold car sitting on the drive, undriven for 8 months. My son has nowhere to go when I return to work. I have no-one to jobshare with when I return to work. The list goes on and on.

So, for the next one hundred days, I'm going to write a list, a big list, a proper list, which targets those areas of my life which are out of control, and I'm going to rein them in. I will do one thing off the list each day, unless I add anything to the list, in which case I'll do as many things extra as required to maintain the list at the appropriate number for that day.

This list is in addition to daily household living, which I'm also going to try and get better at.

I'm also going to attempt some sort of numerical photography project to illustrate the passing of the days.

In 100 days time, I want to be living in a house I'm proud of, that is well organised and safe for a toddler, and that I enjoy coming home to.

I'm just trying to be a better mum.

My name is Beth.

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