Saturday, December 12, 2009

78. Clean mirror in lounge

I spent a blissfully quiet day on my own, as Jamie and his parents took out J-cub to do some Christmas shopping. I spent most of the 3 hours feeling guilty about surfing the Internet, and not doing any jobs, whilst simultaneously feeling like I should be enjoying my time off and just doing whatever I felt like (which was watching The Grinch and cracking on with crocheting J-cub's mobile).

I didn't end up doing anything useful, so in essence wasted my time. I've tried to make up for it since a bored and antsy J-cub was dropped off back at home as the others were en route to another retail park. We had a bit of a play, and a bottle, and then I searched the list for something quick to do before the family got back.

I settled on cleaning the living room mirror, which is a job I hate. I'm sure if I did it more often, it wouldn't be such a pain, but it's big, and heavy, and dirt sticks to it like glue. A few years ago I wrote a birthday message to Jamie on it in lipstick, and that's made it even worse. It really needed taking down and cleaning on the floor, but with J-cub rolling around, I was worried about his safety so elected to do it in situ.

It took AGES. I wouldn't let myself finish until I couldn't see a single smear from any angle, and despite using window cleaner, and vinegar, and newspaper, and Plenty of Bounty, I still had to clean it about 6 times before it met my standards. And now it looks like a window to a parallel universe, it's so clean that you might accidentally fall through it.

I don't think you can really capture that in a photo, but I've tried (batteries finally working - yay!).

(oh and in case you were wondering what the yellow folded card is in the bottom right-hand corner, [NAME DROPPING ALERT!] it's a handmade Get Well Soon card from Phill Jupitus, cos I am THAT cool.)

Day 12 - Mission complete.

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