Friday, December 4, 2009

31. Put away oscillating fan

Today's list item was supposed to be #32, get J-cub measured for shoes. Friday is always my busiest day, and today is even more so, since we are entertaining my lovely sister-in-law Rachel until Tuesday. I started the day with a brisk walk through the lovely frosty (or biting cold, however the mood takes you) morning, trying to get J-cub to stop screaming and start his nap. He eventually fell asleep and I walked around the village for 30 minutes, before braving our local mother and baby group. We spent a happy hour and a half discussing Water Babies, plans for our Christmas party, baby development, shoes, toys and presents whilst the babies played and fought on the floor.

Back home for a super-speedy lunch and change, then packed us all into the car to drive to Water Babies at 2pm. The pool was below the prescribed 30 degrees, and J-cub shivered and screeched his way through what is usually an enjoyable half-hour. Back in the car, we journeyed to our local retail park, to check out the Borders sale (still more expensive than Amazon), give J-cub his milk in Starbucks, get him measured for shoes, and do a quick Tesco shop. The bitter cold and rain meant that J-cub was bundled into his buggy under a pile of blankets and a rain cover instead of being carried in his Mei Tai. He was evidently nice and toasty warm, as he didn't wake up during the transfer from car to buggy, and stayed asleep for 2 and a half hours. His average nap length is 35 minutes, so this was a bit of a shock to the system.

We didn't want to wake him for something as trivial as buying shoes, so he stayed happily asleep until we were waiting at customer services in Tesco, as they had overcharged us for nappies (and subsequently refunded us more than double what we'd paid - we kept our mouths tightly shut and exited the store with 2 boxes of free nappies and £6 for the privilege of removing them from the store).

So the day was almost a fail - but victory prevailed in the last few minutes as I managed to perform the Herculean feat of putting away the oscillating fan. Here's the evidence of this startling task:

Now you see it...
And now you don't:
Day 4 - Mission complete.


the heartful blogger said...

LOL!!!! All I've done is make lunch. Well done.

Glovecat said...

Horray! The fan has been banished!
I'm anxious that you will leave all the big things 'til last though, ha ha! :)

I'm also doing the 100 days project, my theme is also concerned with bringing order into my life... I'm enjoying your posts :)


Beth said...

Thanks Emily, I've had a read of your blog and I'm impressed with what you've got up to so far.

I'm trying not to leave the bigs things til the end, although in a way the weather is necessitating that I do indoor jobs, and having my sister-in-law to stay means I can't really do anything that's going to take all day. I'll try and do some bigger jobs in the week!

Beth x