Saturday, December 26, 2009

25. Take J-cub to see Santa

Well this is going to have to be my first substituted item. It seems the powers that be were conspiring against J-cub meeting Santa during his first festive period.

First, we took him to see Santa when he visited our village. He was due to arrive at 5.30pm, we duly wrapped up warm and walked around to the village hall. By the time Santa arrived, nearly half an hour late, J-cub was fast asleep in the buggy (with the knock-on effect that he was up until nearly 9pm) and the queue was about 6 people deep and stretched a good hundred yards away from the door. I had no idea there were so many children in this village. It started raining: we gave in and came home. We did get a nice photo with the sleigh though:

Our next attempt was at the village Mother and Baby group Christmas party, where Santa was supposed to come to hand out the Secret Santa presents. He was due to come from the North Pole via Llandeilo, and the heavy snow the day before meant he had no chance of getting out. The party was where we caught our lovely gastroenteritis, so even though there were still 4 days until Christmas, the thought of leaving the house for anything so jolly as meeting Santa was just impossible.

So I have substituted #25 with a reserve item from my quickly-growing 'Things that are not on my list' list. I will be finishing the nursery curtains instead (not necessarily today, I'm just trying to get the list and the blog back on track for now).

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the heartful blogger said...

He'll get to meet Santa next year no doubt. We were due to take Jake to meet Santa last year but we were all ill. This year, we weren't that bothered, esp since Jake still isn't old enough to know who he is.