Sunday, December 27, 2009

63. Sort out books from bedroom for charity

I had the best intentions yesterday, I really did. I got out my drill, charged it, found appropriately sized screws, unwrapped the hooks bought with the express purpose of being attached to the back of the hallway cupboard door (#96) .... they didn't fit. Well they did, but the door wouldn't have been able to shut again, as it sits flush inside the edge-thingy-bit.

So I gave up on that, then it was time for J-cub to go to bed (early again, the after-effects of this bug seem to be overwhelming levels of exhaustion) and then I was struck by overwhelming levels of exhaustion which saw me in bed after a quick viewing of the Only Connect Champions of Champions Grand Final (I answered one question! Me! Mitochondria!). So nothing doing, leaving me with 4 days of catching up to do.

We're all feeling much the same today, so I picked a nice easy item, and got some old books off our over-crowded bedroom bookcase to take to a charity shop. I hate getting rid of books, but even I had to admit that I wasn't likely to read the diary of Brooklyn Beckham any time soon. I managed to fill a whole Pampers box (they're quite big), leaving a whole nice empty shelf to be restocked with Christmas present books. Yay!

Day 27: Mission complete.

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the heartful blogger said...

Phew! It must feel good to be able to tick something off the list.