Tuesday, December 8, 2009

27. Turn kitchen shelf into useful baby area

A quiet day today, as sister-in-law Rachel departed back to Bangor (bless her, doing that drive in the pouring rain) and Jamie was working one of his few December work days (long time off ddue to injury in the summer means he has loads of holiday to take now). After they'd left and J-cub was upstairs having his nap, it was blissful to have half an hour of absolute silence to just sit and do nothing.

It probably would have been an ideal to get on with a bigger job, but I was readjusting to looking after a fast-moving baby on my own and spent most of the day chasing him around the living room while he rolled around making mischief.

It was a lovely day though, with lots of silliness and giggles. I think I'm more suited to conversing with children than I am with adults, seeing as how I've never really grown up and developed appropriate social skills, and J-cub doesn't really seem to care if I just make monkey noises at him all day.

After he'd gone to bed, I cracked on with #27, which has been driving me crazy for years. We put a shelf up in the kitchen ages ago, and it's been used as a dumping ground for all kinds of rubbish (and garlic) ever since. In fact, the only thing that ever gets taken off it and used, is the garlic. Which can quite easily live in a cupboard. Meanwhile, the counter top below has all kinds of baby paraphernalia all over it, and therefore can't be used as a workspace.

So off came all the crap, all the grease and dust was cleaned off (dust+grease=almost impossible to clean), and everything from the counter was moved up. Hopefully we'll manage to keep putting things back on the shelf and be able to reclaim the workspace below. Granted, this would have been more useful in the early baby days when I had all my breastpump bits and bobs knocking around and getting lost everywhere, but better late than never.

Before - should really have got the counter top in.
After - clean, tidy, useful.
Day 8 - Mission complete.