Friday, December 25, 2009

Sickness - update

Gah - I'm now just about recovered from what a quick trip to the GP yesterday confirmed is gastroenteritis. I've spent just about 48 hours in bed, not able to keep anything down, listening to the washing machine on constantly as poor Jamie attempted to cope with both ends of the baby copiously leaking bodily fluids.

J-cub has now been sick free for 36 hours, and I woke up feeling much better at 10pm last night, with 2 hours left to enjoy Christmas Eve. I came downstairs, and 10 minutes later was listening to Jamie losing the contents of his stomach.

So it's now Christmas Day, and my 2 beloveds have been asleep for nearly 2 hours. I've cried a few tears, for the Christmas that should have been, and I've put a plain pizza in the oven, as I don't think anyone's going to be thinking about Christmas Dinner today.

Oh and I had a lovely email from Josie Long, who Jamie had emailed to ask for a sick note to stop me stressing about my 100 days project. So I'm not stressing any more. I'll get back to it when I can - right now my priorities are more focused around scrubbing milky-sick out of carpets (because however good men are at looking after babies, the importance of some things just escapes them), and obsessively cleaning all surfaces and toilets to prevent any sort of reinfection.

Merry Christmas to all - enjoy every mouthful of that food.


Glovecat said...

Wah! Sorry you guys feel so shitty - sounds absolutely HORRIBLE. Hope you feel better very son, and can hold down the Christmas pizza! :) x

the heartful blogger said...

Sorry you've all had a crap time! I wouldn't call it failing though, you can't help getting sick!! All three of us were really ill last xmas, but it's all a distant memory now, as this will be for you. Hang in there. x