Thursday, December 17, 2009

24. Wrap Christmas presents

Despite having got off to a bit of rocky start re: buying Christmas presents (got overexcited buying baby presents and forgot I had a husband, family and friends to buy/make for too), it all suddenly came together when the last pile of presents was delivered this morning.

And the lovely postlady, evidently hearing the screams (teething) emanating from the house, nicely left the parcels outside the front door rather than making me answer the door at that point or leaving me a card to collect them from the sorting office later.

Usually, I spend Christmas Eve morning anxiously hopping from foot to foot in front of the lounge window, waiting for her to turn up with all the presents I've bought online but have yet to receive. I do then have the pleasure of wrapping them during the day on Christmas Eve, watching Love Actually, which is quite a nice Christmassy spirit thing to do.

But it's nice to have them all done out of the way, so I can give my anxiety a break and relax in the knowledge that my nearest and dearest will be opening their presents on Christmas Day. Evidently my anxiety needed something else to eat away at, as I've been torn up with guilt all day about not having sold the car. I'll see if I can do something about that tomorrow though...

I spent the morning fighting rolls of wrapping paper out of J-cub's drool-covered fists and removing sellotape and scissors from his reach, and finally got a lovely stack of presents under the tree.

By tea-time, J-cub had almost unwrapped most of them several times. Did I mention that he's suddenly started crawling? The speed at which he can move is quite astonishing, and I haven't quite adjusted my baby-monitoring skills to be able to keep up with him at all times. I don't know whether the presents will last an entire week under the tree, but they look very pretty for now.

Day 17 - Mission complete.

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