Thursday, December 3, 2009

20. Write lists of Christmas presents for everyone

Bit of a fail today - only Day 3 and I'm already breaking into the 'easy' list items. In my defence, I was out of the house until lunchtime, with a doctor's appointment first thing followed by a play date at a lovely soft play centre complete with song time with an entirely fake Peppa Pig. J-cub showed me up by refusing to clap along to 'If you're happy and you know it...' which he's been doing in the privacy of our own home for about a week now, but as soon as Peppa started singing it, J-cub just sat there with no attempt to join in. He also had a go on a slide and a little wheely bike thing, so he was happy.

After lunch (and lunch with a baby-led weaned baby takes much longer than your average baby-fed lunch), I had to clear up from lunch, then try and get him down for a nap, all your usual motherly type activities. My sister-in-law was due to arrive this evening (and, indeed, has now arrived) so I had all kinds of frantic tidying to do, then felt guilty for neglecting the baby, so played with him for a while, then it was time for tea ... it just went on and on until I realised that I hadn't done anything listy.

So I have now compiled lists of presents I'm buying or making for all my nearest and dearest, which I obviously won't be posting here or Christmas won't be a surprise. And let's face it, Christmas isn't Christmas without surprises.

Instead, let me provide you with a picture of J-cub with the dodgiest Peppa Pig I've ever seen (I haven't actually seen another Peppa Pig, but I can imagine what a real Peppa Pig would look like).

Day 3 - mission complete.

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the heartful blogger said...

You're right, that is well dodgy. Looks more like an extra out of a sci-fi film!

And don't knock yourself, an item off your list is an item off your list, no matter how small!!