Thursday, December 31, 2009

Car update

It passed the MOT! I'm so surprised and happy, I had it in my head that it was going to cost a fortune and cause much more anguish and guilt about not having sold it sooner.

Got there at 9.20am for the 9.30am appointment, and they said it would be about 45 minutes. Went for a walk as J-cub was a bit antsy, I walked really fast and hard to try and drive out the cold (managed to get blisters on my fingers, which shows how infrequently I push the buggy for any distance) and now have achey legs. When I got back, it had failed, but just on emissions which didn't surprise me as it's been sitting on the drive for 8 months. They put something in the something and drove it around a bit, while I walked for another 45 minutes. Got back, and it passed.

Hurrah! They do advise new front tyres and brake discs or something, which is going to be quite expensive. My sister has said she thinks she'd like to have the car when she gets back from her holiday, so I'm going to wait and see what she wants to do. If she doesn't, then I'll get the tyres and brakes done, advertise it, sell it, and it'll be done. At last. And my nice new car can sit on the drive rather than on the road.

Then everyone will be happy.

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