Sunday, December 6, 2009

32. Get J-cub measured for shoes.

Our first Christmas Day today started with introducing a very excited baby to the Christmas tree. We were rewarded with lots of clapping for our decorating efforts; he thought it was very shiny and pretty and had lots of things for pulling and biting and looking at.

We went out for a roast dinner; however the rest of the world seemed to have the same idea and so we had great difficulty finding a table. We ended up in Frankie and Benny's, which is very baby friendly and he had a good old munch on garlic bread, burger, tomato, cucumber, potato, yorkshire pudding and carrot. The roast my sister-in-law ordered seemed to be more deep fried rather than roasted, but the rest of our food was yummy.

We then went to the Clark's concession in Mothercare, had J-cub measured for shoes (4H for those of you who're keeping track) and tried on a few pairs until we found one that he liked. He took great exaggerated steps around the floor, confused by the unfamiliarity of a weight on his feet. He seemed to walk better though, and stood more flat-footed rather than on his tippy-toes. Auntie Rachel bought the shoes as his Christmas present, and he wore them home. They're so lovely, and perhaps we'll get less comments about him being too old for booties now (the main disadvantage to having a bigger-than-average baby, is that people presume he's older than he is, and therefore either developmentally-challenged or we're not parenting him right. It's quite annoying.).

J-cub applauding our tree-decorating skillz
J-cub playing with shiny things
J-cub being measured for shoes
And having a practise walk in his lovely new shoes
Day 6 -Mission complete.


the heartful blogger said...

He's just adorable, and sounds like you all had lots of fun.

When I took Jake to be measured for his shoes, he played with all the shoes in the shop - adult and children's and had a mini-tantrum when we had to go! I think he has a shoe fetish!

Jake's small for his age and I'm constantly dealing with people gasping in the playground when I tell them he's actually 16 months old now! Your J-cub's doing really well to be walking already. Jake wasn't fitted for his pre-walkers till he was 14 months old and started walking at 15 months.

Beth said...

Well we seem to have bypassed crawling entirely, he can roll around the floor at a rate of knots but isn't at all interested in crawling. I can't believe how fast he can walk, I kind of thought that I was imagining it as he's been standing up (with support) since he was about 3 or 4 months, then shaky steps followed and now all of a sudden he's marching everywhere. He has a friend at baby group who is 10 and a half months and is properly walking on her own, forwards and backwards, but her older brother didn't walk til he was nearly 2. I'm learning never to compare him to others!