Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Josie

Hello :D.

A year ago, I was basking in the loveliness of newborn snuggles. Today, it's all about the girl who can never get enough cuddles, who is so loving and kind, who adores her big brother and barely ever stops smiling.

Let's have some stats...
Likes: cats, cheese, bouncing, stealing electronics, shoes, brushing hair, dancing, cuddles.
Dislikes: being cleaned, sleeping at night, balloons, closed doors.
Height/weight: tiny/feather.
Teeth: 4 (centre bottom and vampire top).
Skills: walking, climbing stairs, turning the computer on and off, eating, inserting fingers into nostrils.

To the happiest baby in the world: I love you, and happy birthday ;)

Pre-birthday celebrations with her cousin

Jacob helping her open the present he chose and wrapped himself

Birthday breakfast

Eating her birthday badge

Birthday lunch, courtesy of Dad's amazing sandwich-cutting skillz

Frugal trip out to see the fish in the local aquatics shop

Birthday dinner at Pizza Hut

Not quite big enough to reach the table easily; big enough to eat pasta with a grown-up fork 

Opening presents before bed (such a drawn-out day! We had to accommodate Jacob being in school...)

Happiness :D 

Giggles :D

My love.