Monday, December 14, 2009

3. Write Christmas cards

I've written them. I'm tired. I'll post pictures tomorrow x

ETA - Pictures as promised, and blimey it makes a difference to your Christmas card list when you've got a baby. Last year, I wrote cards for my immediate neighbours to the left and the right. They were the only people I knew in the village. Now, I think there were 17 for people in the village. In the seven years we've lived here, I don't think I'd spoken to 17 people before I had the baby. The most difficult thing was trying to remember the names of their significant others, as I generally just meet mums around on walks or at the village baby group, and husband's or partner's names crop up but don't tend to stick. Thank goodness for my facebook-stalking skills.

Anyway, cards all done, just need pictures of the baby sticking inside (all printed and awaiting collection in Tesco), stamps, parcelling up for those lucky enough to be getting presents too, and away they go.

Day 14 - Mission complete.

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