Friday, December 25, 2009

53. Give J-cub the best 1st Christmas

Since he has no others to compare to, he won't know that Christmasses aren't usually spent with little or no food and parents alternately groaning and sleeping.

I think we'll have a hard time explaining to him why he doesn't get a new toy every 10 minutes tomorrow ...

Will update with pictures soon.

Update: So all in all it really was a lovely Christmas. The cats woke me up at 7am, but I'd had my first unbroken night's sleep (well, I'd woken to hear Jamie throwing up every 2 hours, but figured he could look after himself, I was just too thankful to not be the one hugging the toilet any more) so I skipped downstairs relatively happily. I had a nice hour on my own before J-cub woke up, when I also managed to drag Jamie out of bed in an attempt to raise some family Christmas spirit. We lasted about 2 hours, before J-cub decided he'd had enough and needed to go back to bed, and Jamie concurred. It took me an hour to get J-cub down for his nap (this has to be THE most frustrating thing about motherhood. You're clearly exhausted, so why fight me to sleep? Just LET GO!), but he (and Jamie) then slept for a blissful 2 and a half hours. I watched the wedding of Sarah-Jane Smith (again) and The Santa Clause (again) and dicked around on the Internet (reading Malory Towers fanfic, if you're interested).

When the boys got up, I had just heated up a frozen pizza (Dr. Oetker's Mozzarella; far and away the nicest frozen pizza available) and we actually managed to eat some, although J-cub put us to shame by shoving a whole piece in his mouth at once. When lunch was finished, we got down to the serious business of opening presents. J-cub is brilliant at opening presents, he'd managed to get most of the tags off the ones under the tree before Christmas even started, so it was a bit like a tombola under the tree.

He got a bit overwhelmed after a while, so we left the remainder for Boxing Day, and gave him an early night with no tea (cos I don't think he would have lasted much past 6, not because we were being mean). We had a lovely evening watching Doctor Who (woooo! Can't wait til next week for the rest), Gavin and Stacey (reliving J-cub's first dip in the sea on Barry Island in the summer) and Catherine Tate (which I hadn't intended to watch but it was strangely compelling). Early to bed, and we all slept the night through. Yay!

Oh just wanted to add a quick note to say that we specifically asked grandparents not to go crazy for Christmas. I dread to think what he would have got if we hadn't said that ... where are we going to put all this stuff?!

Day 25: Mission complete.


the heartful blogger said...

So pleased you managed to have a not too awful day. We loved Dr Who and Gavin & Stacey too - also making us yearn for summer and a trip to the seaside for Jake. Your J-cub looked like he enjoyed himself!

Beth said...

I'm looking forward to the summer too - Jacob was a little too young for enjoying the beach this year, we went a few times but he mostly lay on a towel under an umbrella and slept. We went to Barry Island with friends right at the end of summer on an unexpectedly hot day, and it was gorgeous.

I'm loving cold winter beach days at the moment though, wrapping up warm and walking on the deserted sands, it's lovely.