Tuesday, January 26, 2010

85. Water, repot and tidy houseplants

Woo hoo! I got off my arse and got something done.

I'm generally pretty rubbish at houseplants, I buy them with happy anticipation of how nice they'll look, then every time I see they're looking a bit droopy, I think "Oh, I should water that", and keep on walking. Every day. Until they die.

A while back I hit on the idea of keeping them all on the kitchen windowsill, right above the sink, so I have no excuse for not watering them. The only exception is one in the bathroom, for the same reason. The poor houseplants in the kitchen have been shouting at me for months; they were overcrowded, dropping babies all over the place and getting pot-bound faster than you could imagine.

Having rounded up all the available bigger pots, I set to cleaning them up, re-potting, propagating and generally making them feel healthier.

Before (taken a while ago, before they got quite so out of hand):
And 17 new baby plants breathing sighs of relief in their own pots (and a knackered old Flaming
Katie who I'm giving a second chance to):I LOVE gardening. Does that count?!

Day 57: Mission complete.

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