Wednesday, January 13, 2010

23. Sell outgrown baby clothes on ebay

Blimey, listing stuff on ebay is tedious. It took me a good couple of hours to photograph and catalogue everything, and now it's taken me 3 hours and I've only done 18 items.

I have realised though, that the list item doesn't specifically state that I have to sell all the outgrown items in one day, so I'm going to keep doing a few each day, and not kill myself trying to do it tonight.

I'll try and update this post a bit more tomorrow, I'm just a bit computered out.

I couldn't quite resist the opportunity to cheer ebay up by adding a touch of comedy to the item descriptions, so if you'd care to, dear reader, read on:

Three sleepsuits
Three sleepsuits from Next, sized up to 3 months, brand new with tags.

Left to right: a yellowy-orange colour with a 'z is for zebra' (handily illustrated with a picture of a zebra, although it's not black and white which may cause confusion) on the left and 'l is for lion' (almost appropriately coloured) on the right. Next, a blue base with various jungle type animals (and, inexplicably, mice) cavorting around. Some of the animals are upside-down, which may worry you, but just think how nice it will be for your baby to see those animals the right way up to him (or her) when he (or she) kicks his (or her) legs in the air. Lastly, we have some nice thick stripes in some colours.

Now, listen up, ebayers. I am also listing a further 2 sleepsuits (see separate auction), which are THE SAME! Another stripey one, and another yellowy-orange, zebra-liony one. So if you are lucky enough to be shopping for quintuplets, now's your chance to get them co-ordinating sleepwear! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, arising from people, once again, buying us the same things.


Every baby should have a bearsuit - discover what it would be like to hold a real live teddy bear.

Greyish shiny winter coat

Warm padded coat, perfect for this cold weather.

This coat was bought from Next for the princely sum of £24. Unfortunately, I received many winter coats for my baby, and this was the unlucky one never to have been worn. It still has those tags intact, if you want to feel extra good about how much of a bargain you're getting.

The coat is very thick and padded, with lovely fur (which I'm presuming is fake) around the edge of hood to keep wayward snowflakes out of your baby's eyelashes (you could always put the hood down if you wanted to get a nice photo of baby with snowy-eyelashes).

It has elasticated wrist-cuffs, to stop your baby pushing his sleeves up and getting cold forearms.

All in all - this is a lovely coat, and it would be sad if it didn't fulfil its coatly dream of keeping some child warm during this particularly cold winter.

Panda Grobag

Beautiful Panda design to the front (awwww), safe poppers to shoulders and under arms to prevent newborns slipping down inside.

Grobags can be used from birth and make your life a hell of a lot easier, as you don't spend all your time worrying if the baby is too hot or cold. It comes with a handy room thermometer to tell you a) what temperature the room is and b) what your baby should be wearing (it only gives you a rough guide, you'll have to go to his or her drawers and select which vest and which sleepsuit you fancy for that particular day. I find a baby always looks nice if their vest and whatever goes on top match. But then, I like my eyeshadow to match my outfit. I am a Virgo).

I know, I know. I'm hilarious.

Day 44: Mission complete.


Anonymous said...

That is frickin' hilarious. Love it. If only all ebay listings were as funny. :)

Beth said...

Thanks ;) Although I think I may have put some people off, as nobody bid on the Panda grobag and I've seen those things go for £20 easily.

Lots of people don't get my humour.

Glovecat said...

I've only just seen this post Beth, and yes, you ARE frickin hilarious.

Just sayin.