Monday, January 4, 2010

80. Put away all Christmas presents

In further preparation for our Ikea delivery on Wednesday, we started moving furniture around in the lounge today. All the Christmas presents were piled up in a corner, where we wanted to move a bookcase to, so all the books and DVDs got moved into their new general areas. I can't technically put them away away until the Billy bookcase arrives, but they know where they're going.

All the new Christmas present toys have also been sorted out into toy baskets, so everything's starting to look a lot better.

I also got a bonus item done - by which I don't mean a catch-up-from-those-missed item, but one which wasn't technically on the list. We had two matching cupboards, one in our bedroom and one in the lounge. The one in the bedroom had been used to store Christmas presents so was empty, and has now joined its twin in the lounge to serve as my much-longed-for craft cupboard. Much of my Christmas presents were crafty things, and I really didn't have anywhere else for them to go. So I've folded and stacked all my lovely fabric, sorted buttons and ribbons into pots, put spools of thread into empty Ferrero Rocher boxes, found a nice bag for all the yarn, and moved my sewing machine away from its dusty old home. Now I won't have to spend all my days chasing babies and cats away from balls of wool, or hunting for elastic or sewing scissors.

The other cupboard is full of photo albums, camera equipment, Wii games, and guitar tab books. We've put them side by side in the alcove under the stairs, so they look kind of like a sideboard, and leave more space in the rest of the room for playing.

Day 35: Mission complete.

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the heartful blogger said...

I feel like I spend half my time putting toys away. It's nicer that way though, and Jake likes playing with them more when the room looks tidy. That way he can make a good old mess!