Tuesday, January 19, 2010

38. Clean radiator and below in lounge

This area has been completely inaccessible since I cleverly made a 'cage' for behind the TV table, in order to prevent the kittens from getting to the cables (our previously-mentioned Poppy once chewed through our speaker cables). I boxed it in with shelves from an old fridge, which I tied together and to the radiator with cable ties. All well and good - but there was no chance of getting a hoover in there.

All this had to be removed to make way for New TV Table (at last!). We were sad to see Old TV Table go, as it was one of the first pieces of furniture we ever bought, and to have lasted nearly 8 years is not bad for a cheap bit of Argos tat.

Once it was moved, the resulting dust, debris and cat hair (they spend a lot of their time climbing over the cage on their way to the windowsill, shedding along the way) was quite astonishing.

I hoovered (well, Dysoned), cleaned the radiator and skirting board, and tidied up the cables.

The resulting cleanliness was very satisfying.

Day 45: Mission complete

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the heartful blogger said...

This is making me jealous!!