Tuesday, January 12, 2010

60. Make hearth baby-safe

My Cushiony Fireplace Guard (best product name ever) arrived unexpectedly today, so it wasn't such a struggle to pick out a list item. As with much of the interior decor in our house (why do we live here again?), we don't like the fireplace: it's electric and therefore expensive, the plug doesn't reach the plug socket; and it doesn't even produce heat properly, it just has a small fan heater underneath it which blows hot air out, and a light behind the fake coals which glows. We've used it maybe twice in the 8 years we've lived here; but have been reluctant to remove it in case it damages the resale value of the house, and because the carpet is cut around it.

Anyway, it doesn't really warrant a full-on fire guard, as there's no heat to be protected from. We were mostly worried about delicate heads meeting concrete-bases or cast-iron (imitation, probably) edges. This cushiony thing seemed to be the answer, it's cut-to-sizeable and comes with handy 3M sticky pads to stick it on. We cut, and we stuck (stack?), and now its hopefully a little safer. Sure, there's still the sides that he could whack his head on, but we can't protect him from everything, and there's a world of worry ahead next summer when a toddler-shaped J-cub meets the garden and all its concrete/brick/stoney delights.



Now that we've done it, I bet he never, ever falls anywhere near it. Or, if he does, he manages to hit his head on an uncovered bit.

Day 43: Mission complete.


Glovecat said...

Ha ha, nice post, made me laugh. I like the way the before and after pics look almost identical, ha ha - I was expecting a fire guard rather than a soft padding to protect little ones from had edges... Hope all is well with you guys, just to let you know that I have put up a couple of posts - am trying to catch up with myself - it all takes time, eh? What do we let ourselves in for?

the heartful blogger said...

That is unbelievably cute. I'm sure Jake would just be tempted to rip them off though.