Friday, January 1, 2010

Three in one day - almost back on track

Today was the most beautiful day - wall to wall blue skies and sunshine all day long. We did briefly contemplate going to the beach, but knew that would take up most of the day and we desperately needed to make the house a bit safer by moving the cot base and putting the stair-gates up. In doing so, I managed to cross three whole items off the list, leaving just two more to catch up on, I think.

This afternoon while J-cub napped, we watched an episode of Doctor Who (Planet of the Dead) in preparation for this evening's sob fest when the 10th Doctor leaves us :(

After it got dark, at around tea-time, I thought I could smell burning, and was following my nose around trying to locate it, when I happened to glance out of the back door to see the garden covered in snow. We hadn't seen any weather forecasts so had no idea it was on its way, which made it even more special. It fell so thickly and silently for a couple of hours; it was so peaceful and beautiful. Even though we had a bit of snow last week, I never saw it fall, and it quickly turned to ice so didn't seem real. This evening has more than made up for it, and I've had a whale of a time standing out in it, watching it fall.

We've just finished watching Doctor Who: The End of Days part 2; I cried my eyes out.

It's been such a lovely day with which to kick off 2010.

Day 32: Mission(s) complete.


the heartful blogger said...

Very sad about David Tennant leaving Dr Who as well...but have you noticed he's been popping up on just about every show imaginable? He's even been reading the bedtime story on cbeebies a few nights!

Beth said...

I know, I've been looking forward to bedtime for more than one reason the last couple of weeks!

I cried at lunchtime (i.e. about 7 hours before I watched the show) about him leaving - the hormonal effects of having my first time of the month in about 20 months is taking its toll!