Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two today, more tomorrow?

Again a beautiful day today, which always seems to inspire me to get more done (doesn't inspire me to do anything that I can't do on rainy days, like get going on the garden list items...). We did intend on doing LOTS today, but as usual the sheer amount of time it takes to do anything with a baby wandering around bogged us down.

Still, two is better than one (and definitely better than none).

Oh and my listings finished on ebay, hurrah! I made a grand total of £53.48, which I'm very proud of. And just slightly dreading the packaging/addressing/posting which I'll have to do on Tuesday, especially since our printer isn't working so I'll have to do it all by hand.

I updated my ebay post to include a choice few of the funnier item descriptions, if you fancy a giggle. Well, I thought they were funny; you might have better taste.

I also updated my J-cub's trousers post to include some photographs of the finished article. I've discovered that Josie Long has designated the next 7 days as Love Week, and I couldn't be more pleased that J-cub's trousers fulfil that brief, with their lovely hearty detailing:

And finally, I've had time to catch up with all the other lovely hundred-dayers in my sidebar. It seems that I've been nominated for a sunshine blog award by the lovely Tammy at The Heartful Blogger. Tammy had already started her own hundred-day-esque project of writing a hundred word diary each day, and has added to it with doing a drawing a day for her official project. Her writing is honest, candid and touching, and is frighteningly similar to what goes on in my head.

Anyway, I want to thank her for nominating me, and I also get to nominate 12 other bloggers, which I will have to do at a later date or I'll be blogging til past-midnight for the third day in a row!

I'm happy to display this here - I think we could all do with a little sunshine to chase away the January blues.

Thank you, Tammy.

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the heartful blogger said...

Love week?? I didn't realise! And you're very welcome x