Tuesday, January 19, 2010

15. Make cables in lounge baby-safe

I don't have photos of this, so you're going to have to take my word for it.

We had two sections of wires/cables which were worrying: those attached to the laptops which generally hang around the sofa, leading to J-cub's grab-and-pull move which I always worry is going to result in a laptop on his head; and those behind the TV table. Those aren't so much of a problem, because he can't really get to them, but they're just a bit annoying and tangly.

We discovered that the laptops sit nicely on one of the shelves of the new Billy bookcase. The cables, however, do not. They tend to slide off, or get tangled, or get yanked out when you remove a laptop. We moved the sofa a little closer to the Billy bookcase, and placed a litter bin (which we'd had to remove when J-cub started crawling) sandwiched between the sofa and the Billy. This effectively blocked off the small area between the sofa and the Billy, and there the cables live, allowing the laptops to be removed and used without trailing cables all over the place. Success.

The cables behind the TV unit have been dusted, detangled, organised and minimised. Those small enough to fit have been covered with that cable-covering stuff. The 4-way extension cable that runs from plug socket to behind the TV unit is tucked away out of any small reaching hands.

And I think that's the best we can do! It's certainly safer in here, and I almost feel like I could leave him for 5 seconds without him causing himself too much damage.

Day 47: Mission complete.


the heartful blogger said...

Guess what we did with our cables? Put a big beanbag over them. Jake still hasn't noticed!

Beth said...

We can't have beanbags around - the cats confuse them with litter trays ;)