Friday, January 29, 2010

59. Start baby book

I had an unexpected 3 hour break this morning, as J-cub was up before 6 and was therefore tired enough to go to bed again at 9am. Great, I thought, that'll give me time to get ready for Baby Group at 10am, and we'll have a nice time for once as he won't be overtired or jonesing for a nap.

Baby group finishes at 12. What time did J-cub deign to wake up? 11.45. Oh well, at least I had almost 3 hours to myself, which pretty much never happens.

After kicking my heels around on the internet for a while, I thought I'd do something useful, and get going on the Baby Book.

We were given one proper baby book, with important milestones and dates to fill in, and places for pictures to be stuck. We also bought a lovely spiral-bound blank book from Paperchase, for us to fill with all the nonsense we think is important, and a matching shoebox-type box in which to keep things like his first bodysuit, his first shoes, shells and starfish from his first trip to the beach, that sort of thing.

It's been the spiral-bound book that's put me off doing this list item, as I didn't really know where to start, or what to put it in, or how to organise it. Yesterday, I unwrapped the proper baby book and had a look through what Marks and Spencers consider to be important information from a baby's first 3 years. And actually, it seemed quite easy and gave me some ideas of how to organise the blank book.

But for now, I just want to get stuff recorded before I forget. During this morning's mammoth nap, I took a nice pen, practised my best writing, and started filling in the blanks. I've handily kept records of J-cub's 'firsts', by noting them on the calendar, so it was fairly easy to fill in. Some information is missing though, and I'll have to search back through emails or text messages to see if I can find when he got his first, second, third, fourth and fifth teeth (really? Why do we need to remember that?!) and other bits and bobs.

The best thing is that the book runs from birth to 3 years, so I'm under no pressure to actually finish the darn thing.

Which, I think you'll all agree, is a very Good Thing.

Day 60: Mission complete.

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