Saturday, January 23, 2010

84. Sort out work clothes

Finally managed to get to the tail-end of the January sales today. It was a bit of a hurried visit, squeezed in after J-cub finished his afternoon nap and before he needed his tea. We zoomed around Outfit, Next, New Look, Boots and Tesco (I'm dead classy) and I managed to get me some bargains.

I got two pairs of work-appropriate trousers (one for £15, one for £4 as it has a big hole on the back of one of the legs, but it's a Tall pair of trousers, so I can shorten them, do turn-ups over the hole and I've got a bargain pair of perfectly-serviceable trousers), two lightweight work-appropriate summer tops (because in my head, summer will be here before we know it) and a nice green and black stripy cardigan which doesn't really go with anything, but I can't resist a nice stripe.

Jamie did all the buying, brandishing his new NUS card proudly and getting me up to 20% discount which greatly helped.

Adding these new bargains to a couple of smart tops I got for Christmas, my ever-trusty grey cardigan, my plain black, red and white maternity jumpers (because really, who doesn't need a bit of extra room around the tummy area?), my school fleece and my new ski-coat; I'm all ready to return to the freezing-on-the-top-of-the-Gower school playground in just under a month. The less I think about that, the better.

Day 54: Mission complete.

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