Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not MIA...

...just busy. Very, very busy, doing list items and general house- and baby-upkeep. I've not had time to blog, but I am faithfully photographing everything, and will update as soon as I have time.

Which may be tonight, or it may not (my reluctance to blog in the evenings may have something to do with our new The Office: An American Workplace season 5 DVD boxset which arrived on Thursday) but will be soon, I promise!

Anyway, just wanted to keep in touch ;)


Glovecat said...

Looking forward to your return, I miss your posts :) I've been pretty sporadic myself. It's not so much the DOING of things, it's the documenting and blogging that makes the job twice as long! Anyway, hurry back, your blogspot's getting cold. What's the American Office like btw? Is it as good as the original? Is the humour somewhat different?

Beth said...

I'm back! Well, nearly. My poorliness has subsided so I'm hoping to get back to daily blogging again. It is hard, isn't it? I feel like I haven't really stuck to the 100 days pledge, as I've missed so many days, but I will get there, I'm sure of it.

The American Office is brilliant, as long as you don't think of it as being related to our Office. The first episode was word for word, shot for shot, the same as Ep1 of The [original] Office. Then they thought no, this isn't going to work, and made it a different show. The characters are loosely the same, but equally they're as different as can be. The humour and story are different, the setting is (obviously) different, and it is very, very funny.

I bought the series 1-3 boxset cheap as a last-minute Christmas present last year (as in 2008) and we devoured it in days. We quickly picked up Season 4 and were waiting for Season 5 to be released over here but couldn't wait any longer so splashed out on an import.

The early seasons are now cheap as chips - like £4 a season - definitely worth it.

the heartful blogger said...

I think I forgot to tell you that I nominated you for a sunshine blog award! I've posted something about it on my blog, please feel free to copy the award from my blog and post it on yours. x