Tuesday, January 19, 2010

4. Start paperwork filing system

Paperwork is another of our bugbears: we're rubbish at filing (despite having a perfectly serviceable filing cabinet) and opening things would mean we'd have to deal with them, so we just don't.

New year, new way of life, new leaf.

All post will now be opened when it arrives. Plastic envelope windows will go in the bin, paper envelopes in paper recycling, junk mail in paper recycling (or shredded if it includes personal info, or put in the bin if it's anything to do with the BNP). All letters which require attention will go onto the shelf of the new small Billy cupboard (more on that later), and once a week at the very least, they will be sorted, dealt with, carried upstairs to the study, and FILED.

That can't, in all honesty, take more than about 10 minutes each week. And we'll stop drowning in a sea of unopened envelopes and guilt, and life will improve ;)

Day 48: Mission complete.

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the heartful blogger said...

Well done you. I have a drawer full of stuff I have opened but don't know what to do with. At work I'm an expert filer but at home, I'm rubbish!