Monday, January 11, 2010

Babywearing Japanese style

I've just finished reading my best find from the Borders sale. I'd never seen or heard of this book before, and could not comprehend that something could exist that could so neatly marry mine and Jamie's interests - autism (me) and Manga (him).

The book is a faithfully-translated Manga book (it reads right-to-left) and gives a fictional account of raising an autistic boy from birth through diagnosis into schooling. Apparently, these books and similar are widely published in Japan as guides to various aspects and difficulties of life. It's a lovely read, and my head has been translating everything into Manga ever since I started reading it.

My point for this post is that the mother in the book, Sachiko, is shown wearing her young daughter, Kanon, in a few frames. Over at Marvelous Kiddo, Leigh likes to big up celebrities seen out and about wearing their babies. I thought I'd further the cause by adding an example from a different medium.


the heartful blogger said...

I've never read manga but this books look really good. I wish I could still baby wear but it just really kills my back and shoulders and I've tried a few different slings. Closest thing to it now is a hipseat that I use with Jake since he started wanting to be carried all the time again.

Rachel Nixon said...

Hi Beth

Lovely blog, really funny and quirky:) - how funny that you got this book in the Borders closeout too?!! I'm impressed that you actually managed to complete the review, which I haven't yet....

I'm trying to start some ABA with my daughter in the evenings after school, but getting an ABA tutor for this time-slot seems to be mission impossible. Would love to pick your brain sometime about all this.....

Rachel x

Beth said...

Hi Rachel,

If you want to drop me an email any time, I'd be happy to share any of my knowledge, there's nothing I love more than boring people about ABA ;)

My email is casiostar at googlemail dot com

Hope you're well xxxx