Monday, January 25, 2010

67. Take all other unused stuff from garage to tip

I honestly thought I'd written a blog post yesterday, although evidently I didn't.

We managed to get all the rest of the old junk and clutter from the garage in the car, and took it to the tip. The wood recycling bin was full though, so we had to bring back home part of a broken dresser and some old bits of wood, but we've left them in the car for a repeat trip next weekend.

It still counts though, right? The effort was there, anyway.

We had a fun day watching J-cub develop his pulling-himself-up and cruising skills, he's brilliant at both now and can even stand up just using a flat wall to balance against. It's caused some sleeping problems though, as he stands up as soon as you put him in the cot (even in his grobag), and often wakes himself up by standing up in his sleep. It's lovely seeing him change so much though, he's almost a toddler now.

(Sorry I've been a bit lax with updating photos, particularly the list number photos. It's in my head, I'm on the case and I'll get it done ASAP. The blog feels incomplete without them.)

Day 55: Mission complete.

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the heartful blogger said...

Standing in his sleep! Wow! :-)