Sunday, January 3, 2010

90. Take down Christmas decorations

It seems like 5 minutes since we were putting the decorations up, and it's so sad to be taking them down again. We did our best to salvage a good time, but having my head stuck down a toilet wasn't really how I'd envisaged our first family Christmas.

At least J-cub won't remember it, and next year when he'll know what's going on will be like his first.

All the decorations are packed back into their boxes, and they'll go back in the loft tomorrow. It looks very bare in the living room, but it'll actually be quite nice to reclaim the Christmas tree corner, and start to move furniture round in preparation for our new TV table and Billy bookcase which is arriving from Ikea on Wednesday.

When that's all sorted and put together, then hopefully the lounge will be a safe, completely baby-proof area where J-cub can be left for 5 minutes while I do stuff in the kitchen or even manage to go to the toilet without worrying that he's going to come to some harm.

We have a sappy tradition in our house of writing messages to the 'future us' from the 'present us' on the Christmas tree box. If the 'present us' could write a message to the 'past us', it would say "Get baby-proofing now, it's a bastard trying to do it with a baby crawling around your feet". I don't actually think that baby-proofing occurred to us at all while I was pregnant, which just goes to show how naive we were. Clutter+baby really doesn't work, but I hope that by this time next week, it might be a whole lot more under control.

Day 34: Mission complete.


the heartful blogger said...

That's a lovely xmas tradition.

Glovecat said...

I like to save chocolate and other treats for my future self. Then when I "find" it (ha ha, as if I'd ever FORGOTTEN about it!) I'm always very grateful to my past self... Like your idea of sending messages too! :)