Monday, January 18, 2010

2. Replace TV table with something that has doors

At last! I never thought it would take so long to get this done, and I think we've been to Ikea 3 times between me writing the list and actually getting this done. Our problem was that we couldn't find a TV table that a) had doors, b) didn't cost the earth, and c) would look nice with all our white furniture.

Having trawled through Ikea and the Ikea catalogue several hundred times, we realised why what we'd seen in the catalogue and what we'd seen in the shop didn't match up - the one we liked is not in fact a TV table, but instead it's a height extension unit for a shelving unit, with tempered glass doors (for the remote to work through).

We had ordered it from Ikea, but it got delayed by the snow, then was going to be the end of the month before they could deliver. We gave up, got in the car, and drove to Cardiff to get it once and for all.

It was easy to put together, but a nightmare to hang the doors, and we had to do a bit of an Ikea hack to cut the back down so that we could get the cables out. But the result is beautiful - it matches the Billy bookcases, it has gently curved edges to stop any nasty head injuries, and best of all it fits the Sky box, DVD player, Wii, all the Wii games, and the Wii fit board.

I'm starting to feel like everything has its place - rather than everything's place being under chairs/in corners/on the floor. It's a good feeling.

Before (I found this photo while trawling through the archives, J-cub is 3 months old here. I am slightly ashamed to see him plonked in front of the TV like this, but I'm sure I had a good reason):

When he got round to crawling, nothing was safe, and he frequently cleared all the DVDs out, then had a go at getting the Sky box and DVD player out. Over the last week, he's had the speakers off the ends, which is what made us get our arses in gear and get to Ikea:

After (although J-cub can now get a little too close to the TV for my liking):
Day 46: Mission complete.

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Heartful said...

I used to plonk Jake in front of the telly in his bouncy chair when I had to go to the loo!!

We haven't got the motivation to replace our open tv shelf so we spend many nights watching interrupted tv as Jake pushes the digibox power button on and off and on and off!!