Sunday, February 21, 2010

16. Take videos to charity shop

I do feel guilty about not having done this yet. We bagged them up ages ago, but had a surprising FOUR binbags full. The charity shops near us are of the extremely-small variety, so I feel a bit bad lumping all that much possibly-unmovable merchandise on them (do people still buy videos?). And then there's the baby problem. If he's in the buggy, there's no way I could carry heavy binbags and push him at the same time. If he's in the sling, I don't think I could carry heavy binbags in addition to 27lb of weight on my back.

And I live in fear that I'll finally manage to get there, and they'll turn me away. What I really need to do, is go down into Swansea, and try bigger charity shops there. Or freecycle them. Hmmm that's an idea.

Anyway, it'll be on the next list, honest.

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