Monday, February 1, 2010

28. Put up shelf in nursery

This is going to have to be my second substitution. Yesterday I was all geared up and ready to put up the shelf in the nursery, the purpose of which was to put the monitor on, and a few toys which are not yet age-appropriate.

When I came to do it, however, I was really uncomfortable with putting it where we'd planned. It was going to go above the cot, high enough that J-cub couldn't reach when he's standing in the cot. Standing there looking at it though, I thought about how much he's grown, and how difficult it is to predict what he will be able to reach in a few months time.

Plus, we have a nifty little blue Ikea stool which stands next to the cot, and which the monitor sits on. There's nothing wrong with that, it works perfectly well, and J-cub can see the nightlight (part of the monitor) from the cot. He loves looking at the nightlight, and when he's crawling around on the floor, he likes to pick the monitor up and press the buttons. I don't want to deprive him of the evident pleasure he gets from that.

So we decided the shelf was unnecessary, potentially hazardous, and might get in the way of any future furniture when J-cub grows out of his cot. This item is therefore being substituted for sorting out the stereo area in the lounge - pretty much the last thing that needs doing in our all-new, all-singing, all-dancing lounge. Yay!

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