Monday, February 1, 2010

41. De-clutter and tidy downstairs toilet

Today was a bit of a wobbly day. J-cub had his first settling-in session at nursery, which in retrospect is probably why I can't remember anything about yesterday, since I was worrying about it all day. He got up really early, had his breakfast early, and then was tired and wanted his milk just before 9am (when we had to leave) and slept in the car on the way there. I think that was good, as it meant they didn't have to worry about giving him his bottle or trying to get him to sleep.

I took him in and sat down on the floor, where all the other babies were playing around. J-cub gave one of the nursery staff a high-five, then crawled off to look at the toys without a backwards glance to me. I left without saying goodbye to him, as I didn't want him to notice I'd gone. And I don't think he did, until I returned and he burst into tears and gave me that Look, the one that rips my soul out of my body.

He was okay though, as soon as I picked him up, and I was okay while he was there. I ran some errands and then went home, as my mobile had run out of battery. I rang the nursery and they said he was fine, and had eaten some raisins for a snack (which doesn't really surprise me, as raisins are #1 on his list of yummiest foods EVER at the moment). I left him about 2 hours, and he was absolutely shattered when I picked him up. They said he'd been really good, except for when they changed his nappy (which he hates at the best of times). They were still a bit baffled by the baby-led weaning, but I'd printed out some info sheets for them which they'd evidently read as they had lots of questions and asked if they could keep the sheets. Fingers crossed it all works out with them doing BLW with him, as I'd hate for anything to mess up his eating now he's doing so well with it.

We came home, had lots of cuddles, I made him promise never to leave me again, and then we had lunch and a nap. This afternoon he's had fun playing, and scaring the life out of me when I stepped out of sight for a couple of seconds, during which time he crawled about 3 metres from the kitchen door to the far end of the sofa, climbed onto it, knelt UP on the very edge, and started to bash the laptop which was balanced on the arm. I managed to catch him before he fell, and have now put his squishy-number-floormats in a line along the front of the sofa to cushion the blow if he does fall.

I started cleaning the downstairs toilet and realised I may as well do this item while I was at it. I attempted to take photographs but it's so tiny that it was impossible to get a shot of the whole room, so you'll just have to imagine it (or not). I went through the medicine cupboard and threw out old medicines which I can't envisage using - drops for the conjunctivitis J-cub developed after birth, drops for the thrush we passed back and forth between us while I was breastfeeding (why do I keep this stuff?), old gammy nail polishes, empty blister-packs of various pills, empty suntan lotion bottles ... there was so much rubbish in there.

I tidied and sorted all of my make-up, jewellery and hairbands (which I really need more of, since Tilly found out where I keep them and has been slowly squirrelling them away every time she gets the chance), cleaned the skirting board and door, weighed myself (woo hoo! That was a pleasant surprise) and dusted.

It now looks nice and organised and much less cluttered. I'm awful for buying lotions and potions, although I have seen the error of my ways since my new-found parent-frugality kicked in, and I'm now working my way through my stash, rather than buying new stuff.

I think it'll probably last a couple of years at least.

Day 63: Mission complete.

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Glovecat said...

Horray! A satisfying task, then :)