Monday, February 1, 2010

28. Make functional stereo area

This item was done yesterday, and I'm sure we did plenty of other things as well, but at the moment my mind has gone completely blank and all I can remember is having a nap. Blame it on the baby-brain.

The stereo (and by stereo, I mean crappy living room stereo, not lovely-upstairs-study-separates-stereo) used to living in the old TV table, but it was usurped by the Wii and its accoutrements. We dumped it, along with the downstairs-CDs (you can see the upstairs-CDs here) on top of the 2 cabinets which now reside under the stairs. It's pretty much the only place that's out of the way, and which J-cub can't reach, so it's become a dumping ground for broken things, dangerous things, expensive things, and things-we-don't-want-J-cub-to-eat.

All it really needed was the stereo setting up (including having a special pluggy attachment for my MP3 player, thus rendering CDs entirely obsolete), the CDs sorting out, a couple of boxes and baskets to tidy away bits 'n bobs, and it's done.

I know it seems like an easy list item, but quite frankly, I need an easy list item or two to keep me going. And (drumroll please), it is absolutely the last thing which needed sorting in the lounge so .... lounge complete! Hurrah! Now I just have to keep it like this ;).

Day 62: Mission complete.

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