Saturday, February 6, 2010

47. Weed patio

I've got a scary but effective tool for weeding the gaps between the patio stones. It might have been better just to use my fingers though, as the cold weather seems to have done something to the patio, and the edges of the stones started crumbling away as I worked.

I'd therefore like to open up this post to welcome rich benefactors, or patio/decking/playground manufacturers who are avidly reading this blog, and who would like to provide me with a new patio surface for me to 'review'. And by review, I mean have installed at your kind expense, and then let J-cub loose on it when the summer comes. Of course you'd also get a nice write-up.

That's it really, there's not an awful lot I can say about weeding between patio stones. A new patio surface though, I could wax lyrical about that for pages.

Mission complete.

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