Thursday, February 18, 2010

77. Celebrate Valentine's Day

Following a string of disastrous Valentine's Days when me and Jamie first started courting, we gave up on marking the day in any sort of celebratory fashion. Plus the cards and trappings are so ridiculously expensive.

This year though, wasn't just about us. J-cub was being sent to stay the night with A, to whom he's been betrothed from the moment the sonographer said to us at my 20-week scan: "Well we can't be 100% sure, but that looks like a scrotum". How romantic.

J-cub expressed his desire to do something romantic for A, and we hit upon the idea of making heart-shaped cookies. I followed some half-assed recipe which seemed to miss out ingredients, seeing as how I was left with something resembling breadcrumbs, rather than anything I could roll and cut out. I made some hasty amendments and ended up with lovely shortbread-type biscuits. I then learned that piping letters and names is HARD. Perseverance paid off and I was rewarded with a lovely box full of love.

We delivered them when we dropped J-cub off on Saturday, and munching on cookies broke the ice between J-cub and A a little (and gave J-cub his first sugar rush).

On V-Day itself, we had our lovely breakfast in bed, then drove back to Cardiff to be reunited with our one true love. We took C, N & A out for dinner as a thank you, then packed J-cub and all his stuff back into the car. As we left, A stood on the doorstep with the cutest smile on her face, waving and calling "Bye-bye Jacob!" and blowing kisses over and over again.

I think Cupid has well and truly struck gold there.

Mission complete.

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Glovecat said...

Ah, your "one true love" - nice. :D