Wednesday, March 10, 2010

100. Give J-cub the best 1st birthday

I think I can technically count today - it's the last day of the hundred days challenge, and whilst I gave up, I definitely completed a list item today so I'm blogging it.

Both Jamie and I worked so hard for this party (see all details here), and I had some invaluable help from my lovely friends Cat and Rhian, who made food, and helped to set up, and helped to clear up, and were just fab all day.

My only bugbear about the whole day was that I didn't have time to make his cake (and I've spent AGES googling photos of cakes and trying to decide what to do) because I spent too long making his birthday banner. But it can be used year after year, so I figure it's worth it.

And isn't it lovely?
Bunting tutorial via Sugar in my Bowl

Day 100: Mission complete.


Lizzie said...

Happy Birthday Jacod and well done on the party!

I just saw your comment about the giraffe on my blog- Of course I can go and see if they still stock it. Can you follow me on twitter (@LizziePoulton)so I can DM you or find me on facebook (Elizabeth Poulton) and I'll give you my email so you can send me details and pictures


Lizzie said...

Or Jacob even- I really need to learn to proofread

Beth said...

Already following you on Twitter and there's too many Elizabeth Poulton's on facebook so I've DM'd you ;) x

Tammy Hanna said...

Hurrah! I bet it felt good to post that!