Tuesday, March 2, 2010

100th Post - A Pat on the Back

In honour of this being my 100th post on my 100 days project, I'm holding my hands up ... and giving up. Not on the blog, and not on the list items still to be completed, but on the getting-it-done-by-March-10th.

Going back to work last week knocked me for six, both in terms of exhaustion and my mental health, and I lost all ability or stamina to do any sort of daily household task, let alone those horrible put-off-til-the-last-minute-list-items.

I've wanted to come on and write about things that have happened, but felt like I couldn't because I hadn't done anything off the list. And I'm pretty sure that I've felt this way before, and even written exactly the same thing. So I'm giving up, because I'm sick of feeling this way about something that I was enjoying. I want to have a nice, happy blog, where I can blog away to my heart's content about things that I deem blog-worthy, rather than having my hand forced by a list that I'm never going to catch up with. I do like having a list though, I just wish that I had balanced it a bit more evenly, and made it more achievable.

Here's my plan:

1. Pat myself on the back for the 69 items I managed to achieve. That's more than two-thirds. And I DO feel that I'm a better person than I was 92 days ago, so I think I should really award myself a resounding 'Mission complete'.
2. Give myself a break from worrying about household things, and get back into the swing of work.
3. Write some nice happy posts about the lovely things we've been doing lately, and some slightly grumpy posts about the realities of being a working mum.
4. Write a new list, transferring those items left undone from List #1, but breaking them down into manageable chunks.
5. Allow myself to catch up on all the lovely blogs in my blogroll. For some reason, if I haven't updated here, I won't let myself read posts written by others. Stupid self-denial.
6. Beg for forgiveness from all my readers, to whom this post might seem anti-climatic.

I'm very sorry. But it was fun, and I've loved reading all about fellow hundred-dayers' 100 days projects, and I'm in awe of all of those who have kept up and are on track to finish next week. Congratulations to all of you, and thanks for reading (and for continuing to read, if you do).

To conclude, my home and garden are now cleaner, better organised and baby-proof. I've had some time to relax, I've spent a night away from my baby, I've settled him into nursery and gone back to work. Without doubt, I am a better mum than I was 3 months ago.


welshblondie28 said...

That all sounds very sensible my dear. Most important is your sanity and happiness, and i feel this had got to the point where it was compromising both!

the heartful blogger said...

You're doing the right thing, and well done to you too. x

Lizzie said...

Well done for everything that you've achieved. Sounds like you've made a very sensible decision. Also I've missed about 20 days and I don't have a baby to look after! Don't be sorry, be proud of what you have done. I've enjoyed reading it and copying it!
Hope Jacob has a brilliant first birthday
xx Lizzie

citrusgirrl said...

It's your lovely lively writing that I read your blog for, and not for whether you're crossing things off of your list, so I reckon it's definitely a good thing to congratulate yourself and then give yourself over to writing about whatever it is that you want to write about:-) xxxx