Friday, March 19, 2010

Stuff On My Baby

Inspired by my previous Bucket-head post, and the wonderful Stuff On My Cat blog, I thought I'd have a little trawl back through my massive collection of photos, and see what other humiliations I've put my poor little baby through.

Because, really, what else are babies for?

At the beach, a few weeks old. Shell-covered dummy and starfish tummy

Taggy on the head. He loved this

Bib-head. All the cool kids are doing it

Woah ... my hand looks so real!

Trouser head. In the olden days, trousers on the head during a nappy change would elicit giggles rather than screams

Obligatory sunglasses shot

What else am I supposed to do with a pink feather boa?

Crocheted amigurumi octopus

First go in a ball-pit, and loving it

Self-inflicted foam number


Coat-hangar - I take no responsibility for this, he did it himself

I'm not the only one, a quick google search threw up an identical post, from a momma to a baby called Jacob. It's something in the name, I swear.


Anonymous said...

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, deep breath, aaaaaahahahahaha. Excellent. What indeed are babies for if not to put stuff on them. I think I might have some similar photos too...

Beth said...

Do it! I want to see ;)