Tuesday, June 22, 2010

He walks!

All my best intentions for an interesting and informative breastfeeding related post have gone out the window, as J-cub started properly walking today. It's been a month since he took his first steps, and since then he's done no more than 2 or 3 steps at a time.

Over the weekend, he started walking around on his knees - like crawling but without the hands. Nursery commented that they'd never seen another baby do this before walking, and everyone found it very amusing. And then this morning, he just stood up and walked! 6 steps straight over to me, apparently he's been walking around all day at nursery, and since he's been home he's barely stopped.

The look of undisguised glee on his face is wonderful, and he doesn't seem to care when he face-plants into the carpet. And best of all, he can now carry stuff around without it slowing him down. Bring on the mayhem.

1 comment:

Heartful said...

Hurrah!! It won't be long till you're running after him, wondering where the heck he gets his energy from!

Glad to hear he's better x