Thursday, December 16, 2010


There's nothing more I love at the moment than talking to my baby. Every day he tries to say new words, and he babbles away to himself all the time. I'm going to miss his babbles so much when he starts talking properly; he wanders around chanting "bah-boo-bah-bee" over and over again and it's the cutest thing in the world.

He seems able to say most of his consonants, but can't string them together in the right order, so 'Bagpuss' often comes out as 'sss-Ba-puh', 'slide' is 'dide-sss' and 'sausages' is 'doshges'. He did do a very accurate 'dinodaur' today which I was very impressed with.

Without doubt, his favourite (and most accurate) word is 'Daddeeeee!' said with a great deal of glee, and used to refer to anything exciting or as a question to ask where his father is. The 'd' sound occurs more than most (except 'b'), leading to confusing conversations like the one we had at lunch today...
Jacob: Dadder.
Me: Ladder?
Jacob: Daddeeee.
Me: Daddy? Daddy's at work.
Jacob (shaking his head): Doh-doh.
Me: Dog?
Jacob (angrily): Doh-doh!
Me: Dorothy?
Jacob (pointing at fridge): Doh-doh!
Me: Yoghurt?
Jacob: Dah-doh!
Me: Magnet?
Jacob (squeals and smiles): Dah-doh!
Me: Yes lots of magnets. Well done.
My favourite of all his mispronunciations though has to be his word for 'apple'. He's perfectly capable of saying 'apple', but has started adding a 'b' sound to the start. We were wandering around Tesco the other day choosing fruit, and Jacob got very excited when we reached the apples. A lady almost peed her pants laughing as we walked up the aisle from the bananas towards the apples, and he said "nana-nana-nana-nana-BAPPLES!-BAPPLES!-BAPPLES!". I think it might be my favourite word in the whole world.


Heartful said...

That is so sweet. My favourite thing is the way Jake says sausage. Shawshage.

Glovecat said...

The journey from dadder to dah-doh really made me laugh! :) I especially liked your response once you were sure you understood him. Can't wait to be trying to understand Megan's words... At the moment she squeals and gargles a lot at me, but even more so at her favourite light fittings... Hmm... Strange. :D