Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has Sprung

I forgot just how much more open it feels, when it's warm and sunny. Breaking through the darkness of Winter, and breaking out of the fug of two years of post-natal depression (medication-free for 2 weeks and counting!), we went outside this morning in our pajamas and pottered. And it truly felt like the tightness around my forehead had lifted, and the promise of plenty more days to be spent exclaiming over every spider in the garden and every note of birdsong and every time Tilly or Maeby pounced on something in the grass made everything feel better.

And I'm quite sure that this week of sunshine we've had (which, of course, I've been ill for, hence today being the first day I've been out in it...) will be fondly remembered as the Great British Summer of 2011 - I can't imagine that we'll be blessed with sun in March and in any other month yet to come.

But this morning, while J-cub muddied the seat of his Gruffalo pajamas, and plunged his arms up to the elbows in a bucket full of grungy rainwater, and tipped a bucket of clean water over his head, I pegged the nappies on the line, dug the swing out of the rapidly-growing grass and started clearing the jungle.

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