Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bang, Bang, Rock and Roll

We went out last night, Jamie and I. Sister-in-law Rachel came to stay and mind the kid, while we caught a train to Cardiff, checked into a hotel, and went to see Totem Terrors, The Lovely Eggs and Art Brut at Clwb Ifor Bach.

Having spent the last week listening to Art Brut CDs in the car (which makes a pleasant change from The Wiggles, I must say), J-cub has become a hardcore fan of his Uncle Eddie, and spent all of Tuesday after nursery demanding "More Bang Bang Rock a Roll Mummy! Sing it!", and watching live Art Brut videos on youtube.

This gave me ample opportunity to get one of his rockstar moments captured on film for posterity:

Even though I'd been up since 6.30am for work, we went on to a club afterwards, where all the young hipsters sat around glaring at us while we, our friends from Bristol, and all three bands invaded the dance-floor and danced to our most favourite indie and pop/rock songs of the last 2 decades. Because being over thirty ROCKS. We knew the DJ, and two minutes after we walked in, he was playing Punka (because we are), and we didn't move from the dancefloor until the club shut at 2am. Then we loitered on the pavement outside til we were frozen solid at 3am.

Today, I am more tired than I could possibly imagine. But also, extremely happy.

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Rach said...

Aww Beth sounds like you had an amazing time. I love it when you're on the dancefloor and the music is so great that you just don't have the option to leave.

Bless Jacob with his rockstar moment. He is just too cute for his own good.