Friday, April 20, 2012

Real Nappy Week 2012

I'm cutting it fine again with my Real Nappy Week post this year; I've been following (and entering) all the competitions and gossip with avid interest but as usual, my plan for a nice week of cloth nappy related posts has been scuppered by my ever-present laziness.

We had a(nother) brief foray into potty training last week - Jacob is now 3 and I'm really feeling the peer pressure to get him out of nappies.  But I just don't think he's ready.  He hates not having a nappy on, and if I try to get him to run around naked for a bit, he just glues himself to the potty and stays there until I have to (literally) peel him off.  And doesn't produce anything while he's there.  So I'm trying to accept that he's just doing this late, and it's only a couple of months until I (gasp) finish my job and have endless summer days to turn him out bare-bottomed into the garden, and let him get on with it.

In the meantime, he's grown out of our trusty Motherease One-Size (MEOS), so I've spent this week digging through my various boxes of nappies and finding some size 3s which I had hidden away.  He still fits into our Bumgenius v3s and v4s and we got some cheap pockets from Tiny Nippers, which are fantastic quality, super-cool prints (Jacob's been carrying his new ones round and begging me to prewash them so he can wear them) and we've not had a single leak with them.  We do stuff them with an extra insert though, to be on the safe side.

Finally, I got some Tots Bots fluffles from a recent NCT sale, and they are gorgeous.  Jacob even gave one to Tilly to cuddle, which is about the highest form of recognition he can offer ;)

Check out this cute bum...

I've been promising my up-the-duff sister to write out some instructions on how to wash cloth nappies, so I'll try and squeeze a post on that lovely topic in before malaise overtakes me again.

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Rachel said...

Beth don't bow to any pressure. If you don't feel he is ready then he isn't ready. Afterall you are his mommy and you know best and he looks far too cute in that nappy to be rushing anyway;)