Friday, November 9, 2012

Bump watch - The End

I'm totally going to regret posting this and referring to it as 'The End', when I'm still pregnant in 2 weeks time.  But I've just spent ages trying to make and embed this slideshow and I've done it now, so appreciate it, m'kay?

I'm going to miss my lovely bump.


Glovecat said...

Wow, Beth, looking fantastic! I am sneakily comparing my 27-28 week bump to yours, hee hee :) It's growing so fast, it's hard to be objective, and I find it's smaller in the morning and enormous by evening - do you find that? Any contractions yet? Eeek, it's scary and exciting, isn't it? I hope it all goes smoothly for you. Where are you hoping to have the baby? What about the little man? Will he be present [gulp!]? Big mama hugs to you xxxx

Beth said...

I just find it enormous ALL THE BLOODY TIME, to be honest! But yes, it definitely changes shape all the time.

I've been having hours of contractions from time to time, which make me think 'this is it', and then I psych myself out and everything stops again.

We'll be having her in hospital, various family members are taking it in turns to look after boyface. Bearing in mind how he reacted at his first glimpse of blood in the summer, when I dramatically cut my finger on a jar of jam in Asda, I think it's probably a Good Thing that he won't be present.

He's very excited though ;)